Record display field is not showing

Hi. Record display field is not showing related data on resulting apps. After analyze this case with Support, is missing a variable definition in C# code (same that define Record display field, let’s say–). Once declared this variable, code compile and record appears in the resulting field in app.

Image 1 << click here to see the actual issue

Image 2: (variable was named app_categorias_nombre, and defined manually in code)


So it’s just question of define this variable in RadSystems code and this issue will be solved. I hope this helps to get a quick patch update.


It is good that you always send bugs and suggestions to improve

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Thanks Melek. I hope you can release an update ASAP, am in the middle of a project and client starting to get nervous about deadline.:fearful:

It would be advisable to edit the project with the generated code. Editing the generated project with code would be an excellent option to meet the client’s time.

Sadly each time project is published, all changes made out of RadSystems will disapear.

You have the option of exempting pages you don’t want radsystem to overwrite, using the Project Settings.

Thanks for the tip, I will check soon!