REST APIs documentation

Hi. Googling for a way to build rest apis, coincidentally found a thread about Radsystems where you offer a quick build of an API using Radsystems. Since I bought this app near a month ago, I headed to Radsystems’ Youtube channel to find something about this topic, sadly is not available nothing about it. Can you please make a tutorial about this? It would be REALLY useful such a topic! Thanks in advance for your support.


Thanks Wahome-mutahi100, but tutorial is a bit confusing! Are missing some details that make sort of difficult acomplish it. For starters, is missing a real name to “ACTION_NAME” function, in order to any reader can understand clearly we’re talking about.

Is not clear if:

Route::get(‘orders/testing’,‘[email protected]’);

must be pasted in api.php OR web.php (I placed in web.php and worked finally)

I’m talking of PHP RAD VUE to my testings.

Finally could get it working, thanks for your help!

Out of topic, but It would be great to create a User Manual menu in the main RS IDE with:

It would be great if actually can be generated REST Api and Documentations with click of a button, but sadly can’t find a way to do it to PHP RAD VUE. Anybody knows how to do it maybe?

You paste in the api.php