Roles and permission

I did everything in the tutorial, the roles and permissions tables are not populated and consequently the roles and permissions system does not work

@TERzo if you already did a role and permission configuration that failed, did you delete the project folder as stated in the video? Did you also delete the tables created by the role and permissions?

If you confirm that you did the above send me your Anydesk ID or TeamViewer Details as a private message.

Hi, I deleted the contents of the folder and the tables created in the database, failed result, I created a project from scratch, failed result, the only different thing I notice from the videotutorial to what I do is the 5.25 minute popup of the videotutorial , that popup does not appear when I publish

@TERzo please send me your Anydesdk ID or Teamviewer details as a private message.

hi, the problem was solved by updating composer.