Roles and Permissions in RadSystems 7.1, PHP Laravel, Boostrap JQuery

I keep an eye in this software more than a year ago now, I consider it VERY INTERESTING. Sadly a recurrent error keeps inside since various previous versions. I’m talking about Roles and Permissions, creation and user interface, my proposal is that developers automate Admin account creation to save a lot of time (and headaches) to users like me. In this version, Roles and permissions data simply will NOT be created automatically in tables when you create a new user, so the MOST important feature in any Web application is missing here, making near to unusable ALL RadSystems, being as security is ALL to any developer. Any other aspects of RadSystems can be interesting, but only as a curiosity, a toy to play with, but I need to buy a license to skip MONTHS of hard work in any other profesional tool, I don’t need a toy! Another missing feature is deployment, but that is not the reason of this post. Please developers, can you hang out a bit to this forum to consider user’s suggestions??

I’ve found this, not sure if it’s a part of the issue:

Alguém conseguiu habilitar em algum projeto do PhpVue as permissões de usuário? É que de fato viesse a funcionar?

Hi DougBack, I don’t have an answer from developers. Neither can give you some tip or solution. If you have any news, please send me a ping over here!

Estou desistindo do RADSystems, já tentei o suporte, sem sucesso. Preciso de uma solução rápida, ou continuar com os projetos no PHPRad e para novos projetos, partir para a outra ferramenta.

It’s sad, but RadSystems needs more work to turn into a serious production software. If I was the developer, I would focus on PHP Laravel and Bootstrap, after that I would walk into any other feature, like ASP, etc. I can not finish this comment but mentioning that RadSystems is an awesome PROJECT.

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