Roles and Permissions RadSystems 7.1.2

Using PHP bootstrap project the Dynamic Role Permissions doesnt sync to database.

I watched the video and have created a test site using MySQL and got it working but cannot seem to resolve using MSSQL.
The permissions, model_has_Roles etc tables have been created.
I have even manually entered values into the Role_has_permissions but i get forbidden access.

Urgent help needed on this please.

Further playing, if I manually enter records into Model_has_permissions the pages are displayed.
So its Role_has_permissions I cant seem to get working.
hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Hi, do you see errors on the command prompt that comes up when you try to configure Roles and Permissions?

Hi, No errors at all

I believe I have configured the Roles and Permissions correctly however.

I have set up the pages to dynamically add permissions by role.

role_has_permissions does not seem to work.

Table Roles

Table Permissions

Table users

Table modal_has_roles

Table Role_has_permissions

So based on the above
Paul who is administrator should see home/list, account/list & account/edit
John who is User should see home/list

I delete all the files and folder and Publish Project, everything appears as it should

So now I add permission ID 4 to Role ID 1 in the database

So now Paul who is administrator should see home/list, account/list, account/edit & users/list

Refresh browser and users do not appear 403 | Forbidden
republish and refresh browser and still users do not appear 403 | Forbidden

Closing browser and deleting history doesnt change anything
The only way to make it work is to delete all the generated folders & files and re Publish Project.

Then permissions entered into database are created, eg as above Paul can see users

How can I make this dynamic? As in I need whatever file that is being created when Delete all and Publish Project to be populated dynamically from database.

Hope the above helps

Got great remote support from @willvin.
Bug has been logged with developer, I will update when solution is found or bug fixed.