SAAS and Multitenant


Need some help to find out if RadSystem is the way to go for me :slight_smile:

1- My project is to build a SAAS multitenant: 1 app for the super admin and another for clients, do you have any provision for that? Any example? Tutorial? Help? :slight_smile:

2- It will have all basic CRM features plus financials and other stuff related to production. Do you have any CRM templates or starter kits?

3- If I buy a template (.net probably) can I use it with Code on Time? One Example: BALAKA - CRM and Inventory System in ASP.NET Core 5.x.x MVC – INDOTALENT STORE

Thanks a lot!


simple answer to this is if you can build code or rather write code rad can allow you to build anything you think of as long as you know how to do it! what you are suggesting requires more handson code than is currently available in rad but if you can do it with code rad will give you all the resources you need to get going! just make sure you keep a back up every time