SAAS Laravel Starter Kit Project (PHPRad Classic)

I would like to know if some friends would like to work on an open source project, in which we are going to develop starter kit projects, with PHPRad Classic.

In addition to helping newcomers with the radsystems studio, we will exchange experiences and have countless possibilities.

The initial suggestion is to develop several modules to make the project code available on a page on github, where any user, participating or not in the group, can download the initial kit and put their idea into practice.

I can help with the database model.

Suggested modules: SAAS Start Kit PHPRad Classic

1- → User account
This is easier by default the initial project, it will rely on the default settings of user accounts that we are already used to.

→ Subscription Plan Management
this module constitutes of plan management eg start plan, pro plan…

→ Payment Gateway (if we can work with multiple payments, or we can have different starter kit versions with stripe, paypal, paddle, fastspring…)

 By default I suggest we start with the integration of Stripe and Paypsl, when installed the same already create the main tables necessary for customer management.

A very good package that gives us the freedom to work with multiple gateways is omnipay php

Remembering that the gateways connection settings will all be managed via the database, in short, the gateway api settings.

→ Universal Webhook Depending on the payment gateway selected, notifications will be sent to a standard webhook, facilitating the maintenance of the platform, if it gets complicated, we can have a webhook for each gateway, however

→ In subscription settings, we have to have the customer option, upgrade, downgrad, and cancel a subscription.

→ to purchase any subscription, the customer has to be logged in, with this we focus more on the features on the dashboard, of course those with more experience can use customizing.

→ Affiliate Management
Affiliate management implementation is very important for a project.

→ Invoice Management
We can add the option to send the invoice in bulk, however, it would help a lot for those who want to launch the crm.

→ Online Store
Possibility of managing a small virtual store catalog

→ Service Order Management
this option can be added with invoice generation

→ Email Management Configuration of , the ability to manage everything by dasbhoard.

→ Blog Management, simple blog type medium
->Management and Pages, to manage who we are, …

→ Online Lesson Management (LMS)

Remembering, if you are willing, we can do something simple but that will help and a lot, even the most experienced.

The project looks great if only one is going to build, but if we unite, leaving the differences aside, we can build a better future for everyone.

Why this idea?
On the market there are hundreds of thousands of solutions, for example in the codecanyon, but when we buy, the reality is that it’s just a nice outfit, besides counting with countless errors.

Now thinking out of the box, if we create a solution like this, in which we can maintain and add functionality with PHPRad Classic from RadSystems, no programmer will be left in hand, managing to deliver solutions to their customers in less time.


Great Idea to Support Radsystems Growth :+1:

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seems like a good in on this