Search field error with dropdown

Hi all, by setting the search field in dropdown mode errors occur that I report in the attached images, moreover the text and settings of the button classes do not correspond to the template settings

Immagine 2022-02-23 151557

This might be a bug, because this text __variablerecordid in the template after the foreach is supposed to be replaced with something like this:

$rec_id = $data['id']; // id is the current page primary key field name.

Yes, that is because you are not to edit the button, rather you are to edit how you want each record to be displayed. The template you see there displays the record if any were found or displays “Nessun record trovato” in red(in your case yellow) if no record is found. The Close button is not part of the template.

ok, the problem seems to be just that, there are also problems for the style since the results box is transparent and is positioned behind all the other objects, also the language is not localized