Send_mail page events

I have the send_mail function working, but would like to have it formatted differently.

Ultimately I would like to be able to send an email to customers when orders have been placed for them. and attach a basic email signature at the bottom.

I can get the information in the $mailbody, but having difficulty getting line feeds between the information.

What do you mean line feeds?

Instead of having a body of the mail be:
text text text

have the following:

Is send_mail the only email function in PHPRad? Is it possible to make it more robust?

when I need a more robust emailing what I have used so far is emailqueue along with my applications, just insert a record by database or by API and all forget about queueing, sending as scheduled, prioritizing, etc. Take a look at: GitHub - tin-cat/emailqueue: A fast, simple yet very efficient email queuing system for PHP/MySQL

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