Show login as Modal


How can we show login page in a modal when the user clicks on Login button on a web page?

I am asking this because there are a few pages which do not require any authentication to access but there are few which can only be accessed after user logs in.

@YogiYang there is no configuration for currently. But if you have pages you want to exempt, please use the right panel in Authentication to exempt them.

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@YogiYang hello! you can do this! you will need to manually add your login button where you want it and you need to add a modal in there! you can check the syntax of a modal by dragging and and dropping a modal in a page and viewing how it looks like ! you will then take this code and add it where you want and inside it add the login component! but you will need to import it in all the pages where your login is not needed so that this component can work! thats all :blush: have fun

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