Spa platform configuration problem

I try to use the SPA platform but it gives me an error:
I understand that the error is generated when executing “npm star”
I hope you can help me.


  1. please install nodemon globally using npm.
npm install -g nodemon
  1. When you do that, locate the package.json file in your nodejs-express-api folder and open it with an editor. Locate the line that contains "start": "./node_modules/.bin/nodemon app.js --delay 2 -e js" replace it with this "start": "nodemon app.js --delay 2 -e js".
  2. When you do that, on the command prompt where the error was displayed initially, run the following command there:
npm run start

Note: this is temporary and once the cmd/terminal is closed, you will have to repeat steps 2 and 3.

Hi the problem is you are using a higher version of node js…go to node js site and download from their dist version 14.15.2 then go to programfiles/nodejs and replace the content of it with the new verison you download then restart noderad that will fix your problem.happy coding

…permanent fix below.:slightly_smiling_face:

I have the same problem, if I install the version 14.14 to run it, it tells me that it is a non-compactible version.

@ddiaz it’s version 14.15.2 im soo sorry i mistyped

it works now, but… I have to run nodemon so that the app runs. I assume it’s because I don’t add to the variables around windows.

@ddiaz node has to be installed in the environment variable if you didn’t use insataller the first time.and also make sure you restart your radsystems