Unable to complete the request error processing the request

I have issued with my PHPRad Vue Project, I hope someone will help me in this forum
When I Publish the Project to SPA Platform (Web Base), it’s work normally.
But, When I Publish the Project to Mobile App Platform (Android), It’s always show error “unable to complete the request”

@andro you built the app using a local link, it won’t work that way. you need to change the link to your live server link and build the app before you can get it to work. localhost is not a live link. Please watch here Radsystems Tutorial - Publishing and uploading you PHPRad Vue project - YouTube to see the process for building to production link. You only need to watch the video from timeline 0:00 to timeline 8:57, as that is the area that is relevant to mobile.

okay @willvin , thanks for your advice. I will try it.