Unable to launch link with chrome

PyRad will not view an app using Google Chrome. It says it needs a different application. I am guessing this is bug.

Edge seems to work.

@jkwrpc please provide a screenshot of the error message?

Here is a link to a video showing the error appear.

@jkwrpc please note that this is not a bug or an error with Radsystems Studio, it is an issue with your pc/chrome browser. And also note that the project is a NodeRad project and not a PyRad project as you initially stated. I will be renaming and moving this topic to the #issues category, thanks.

It happens in others I just did the Vue as an example. Given this message only appears in RADSystems I am less inclined to see this as an issue with my PC and browser.

Please note that radsystems try to browse the ink with whatever browser you have set, and your pc is responsible for detecting the kind of link and launching the app for it. if it thinks there is no app installed to handle this link then it displays a list of the app in your system that you will select from to launch the link. The same process used for the other browsers is the same used for chrome. if it works on edge it should work on chrome. And also I have tested this issue from my end and it is launching properly for all browsers listed by radsystems.