User Records Management

I am with noderad applied the authentication, roles and permissions. As well as applied user records managements. The problem is that the admin user cannot edit the records uploaded by other users, he can see the records of all other users but not so I can edit… delete if he can but edit not.

P/D: This is misspelled managements…

P/D 2: I also tried with laravel + quasar and got the same error

Use the second option “List all records but allow Edit and Delete for record owner only”, that is a bug with the first one.

But I want each user to see only their records and not see everything. But that in turn the admin can modify everyone’s records. Like I said it works fine just don’t edit the admin.

The issue has been reported to the dev.

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Thank you very much.

@willvin @Emman @Wahome-mutahi100 Curious fact, I just tried radsystem 8.0.0 with several conventions and the only one that did not give an error regarding the admin being able to edit the records of other users using user records magnaments… is using react… in laravel and node It works well.

did you try “add the both usere_id colums from table to primary index”. if not… try.