V 5.0 project And V 5.1.4

Greetings All;

Has anybody tried opening a (classic) 5.0 project in 5.1? Is there any import option or is it all “start from scratch” again?

Hi Robert

welcome into the group!!!

Thanks. I am still on 2.7.3, but wish they would release a bug-fix for it.
I try the radsystems stuff from time to time, but if they can’t fix what I already bought I don’t want to drop so much on another almost working product.

What do you use? 5.0 or 5.1? If I am going to redo a project I want it to be in something stable. Export / import would be a nice option.

then it remains alone 2.7.

Are you saying 2.7 is the last stable version?

I assumed that the new stuff was going to be more stable?