Versão Classic 4.0 não funciona Roles e Permissions

Por que na API Laravavel não funcioana como no ASP.NetCore?
Versão Classic não funciona Roles e Permissions.

Como configurar no Classic?

@DougBack please follow the instructions here Roles and Permission | Documentation ( Also, make sure you have not previously created a Role and Permission that failed on your database. if you have, you need to delete your project folder and delete the database table you did not create when starting your project before regenerating and configuring it again.

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I followed the documentation, however, the problem is that in the configuration of the tables the button that makes the relationship between the tables appears.

I’m trying to make a project with the classic version.

@DougBack you need to click that button if you want to modify the table name used fr the Roles and Permission tables. like I stated earlier phprad classic uses a different authentication method different from the Vue projects, which is token-based authentication.

Yes I need to click the button. Just like it was in PHPRad 2.7.3. However in the classic version of RadSystems the Manage Tables button DOES NOT EXIST in the classic version.

As shown in the image below:

Please note the button was from a previous release. Those are the settings required to configure Roles and permission in Radsystems.