Will update version 7 be done?

Are you going to fix some bugs from 7.1.2? Or will it be done directly in the next new version?
Like the user records magnaments that don’t allow to edit the records like admin, url redirects, the calendar component only works in english, the color of the calendar is not saved.
and so many others that I report…
I understand that it may be a lot of work, but… it would be good if they give a little more love to the clients and the community, both in the feedback of the answers in the forum and in support.
I’m not the only one who has been asking for the autofill from one table to another for a long time, it is a utility that is found in all rad tools, it is not only useful for a master detail but it is useful on many occasions… not to mention of the map components, I think that is asking too much…

Hello ddiaz,

Yes, a lot of issues have been addressed in the coming release, the new update is undergoing in-house testing and will be released as soon as possible. Your suggestions are being evaluated and considered.
We hope to serve you better using this great tool, thank you for choosing RadSystems.

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Thank you, yes it is a great tool, and it will continue to grow… as long as you can support your customers and community with reported bugs and suggestions… I offered to be a free beta tester, just for the fact that the tool better and can expand. Cheers!

@Humphrey Great, an estimated release date for the 7 update?
At least with the correction of the user records magnament in node + quasar the administrator can not edit the records of the other users… these urgently need us to be able to publish our projects.