Blob data does not display properly

Hi there!
I generated a new project with another DB … I published it and it started well.
However, on this occasion, in this DB I have a table that contains fields with binary data (LONGBLOB) and when wanting to see the page list, it stays loading and does not show anything …
Should I configure something for tables with binary fields?
It is the only table that does not show the data …

Hi @malarcon39,
Yes, configure a display type for it. note, your recent reply does not relate to the above topic, I will be moving it to a new topic.


How should I set the display type for this in Radsystem? Thanks!

Hi @malarcon39,
You should set it according to the kind of blob data it. if none of the DisplayType works for you, you can use the Custom DisplayType and utilize your data the way you want to utilize it.


Hi @malarcon39 ,

I think it’s because of the size of the table, can you try replicate the table with only 1 row?
Another thing can you try pressing the Shift + CTRL + J in the browser? maybe there is other error in the web console.

I tried in mine with only kilobytes of data and it’s showing.


Radsystems does not support blob data for now. The feature will be added future release.
Thank you.

Hello! It would be good if it supports Blob data, since there are projects where database storage is necessary.
I have been using PhpRunner for many years (very good tool) and I am seeing the benefits of Radsystems. I would like to migrate several projects from PhpRunner to RadSystems, but there are some things that it is missing, but I have no doubt that it will improve in future versions :slight_smile: