Can not connect cordova mobile app to laravel backend

I need a help
I create simple SPA using laravel & quasar vue. It’s work on local (dev environment). Then, I deploy my laravel backend to a hosting server. I changes my local frontend web app API url to hosted laravel backend. It also working well.
But when I build my frontend as cordova mobile app, the app could not connect to my hosted laravel backend. So, what was wrong here? is there any step that I left?

Just like the instructions here Publishing your Radsystems Project - Tutorials - Radsystems Forum, you modify the quasar.conf.js file with your live URL and then save it. Then you have to open the frontend folder in a command prompt and run the following command to build to android.

quasar build -m cordova -T android --debug

for testing, produces an APK file that is not production worthy.


quasar build -m cordova -T android

for production-ready files, that can be submitted to google.

Read more here Publishing to Store | Quasar Framework and here Mobile App Build Commands | Quasar Framework