Menu roles and peemissions


I enabled roles and permissions, the rules are working for forms correctly, but the menu is not visible after enabling the roles.

I don’t know how to solve

Please when you enable roles and permission, make sure the user role has access to the page, and the menu will appear. If you created a submenu and the user has access to the submenu but not the main menu, that menu will not be displayed to the user. So please make sure to make the main menu accessible to the user, by setting the link for the main menu to a page the user has access to.

In the main menu, only the Home option is visible, or link to the pages directly in the menu, submenu does not show

Have you gone through this Configuring the Roles and Permission in Radsystems Studio (PHPRad Classic) - Tutorials - Radsystems Forum and it did not work?


Wilvin helped with my doubt and everything was resolved.

For the submenu to work with roles and permission enabled, it is necessary that in the menu configuration, the path option has to refer to a page that the user has access to, so the submenus appear.

If anyone still has questions and I can help, please let me know.

Wilvin, thanks again for your help.

A big hug

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