New 2.7.3 user confused by different sites/products?

I purchased PHPRad 2.7.3 last year and just got around to setting it up for a project to discover there is a newer version, new web site new pricing. I logged into forum then discovered this forum at - What is going on? Is PHPRad 5.x a real product? Does it work? If I start my project with 2.7.3 will I hate life later?

So, the short answer is: Yes it is confusing.

Look at:

Depending on your needs 2.7.3 has worked great for some of us. I tried 5.0.1 IIRC and it is better at some things, not at others.
I keep hoping that 2.7.5 or something will come out and fix some of the bugs.

The first rule of 2.7.3 SAVE Often, with a new filename each time.
Rule #2 Do not copy a page. Ever. Your save file will be corrupted. (see Rule 1)

(You can save X.original, save a working copy as X.publish and edit the query or whatever, publish it to production and then revert to working on X.orginal. There are other frustrations. Other workarounds.)