Roles and Permissions in RadSystems 7.1.2

I am using Xampp as a local server. When configure authentication and register as a user, I login in without problems. However, when I now configure roles and permissions, I receive error code 403 Forbidden. Anyone to help? I do not know where I go wrong.

This means the user does not have permission to view that page, you need to manually add the user. Watch it here Configuring the Roles and Permission in Radsystems Studio (PHPRad Classic) - Tutorials - Radsystems Forum

Thank you so much for the quick reply, but I can not see the interface from where you were assigning those roles, as demonstrated in the video on my IDE. Where do I access that interface from? I am using Xampp as my local server.

It is from you database manage like phpmyadmin, all you are to do is add the role for the user.

Alright, Let me try, and if I fail, would it be fine if you show me how to do it using anyDesk?