Roles and permissions PHPRad 2.8

Hi. PHPRad v2.8 as released with seems to have changed User and Role management substantially.

I am unable to find info on how to use dynamic role permissions.
There are new tables created as expected when enabled.
News tables created: Model_Has_Permissions, Model_Has_Roles, Permissions, Role_Has_Permissions, Roles
guard_name etc has no meaning currently.

Any examples on how to use this properly.

Tried again in version 2.9.
Still no info.

Still no info. Surely this must be well documented?

Trial running out with no answers.
Already on 3.1…

Hi @packetloss69 ,

I believe they will document it once the stable version is release.

How should I change the role of a user?

Here is a tutorial on that.