Roles are not generated in Classic

I am generating a test project with a user, the registry works but the roles table and the permissions table are not generating the data. So I select what things the user has permissions and when saving changes, it does not save them in the database, so the table of roles and permissions is empty. In this case the system cannot be used.
I am using Classic with RadSystems Studio. In PHPRAD it worked

After setting the roles and permissions you have to publish the project before they are seeded to the database.


I know, in PHPRAD it worked as you say, but this time RadSystems does not work

I’m on the same case too. I’ve tried several ways and nothing happens.
In PHPRad you had a screen similar to the one I’m going to insert right below, and everything works perfectly, in RadSystems we don’t have the option.
Could someone guide us?

Alguém com uma possível solução?

@DougBack here is a tutorial on that.

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