Unable to complete request due to closing the command prompt

I have problem with my project, it is unable to connect to the database after i close this command when i try to run it on desktop app. The goal is to run the execute application without having to use the command prompt.

when i try to move to another menu/tab, it will show the text unable to complete the request

and when i log out and try to log in again to the account i make, it shows that the connection is unable to established.

Can somebody help to fix my problem?

In order to build an electron desktop app, you need to make sure you have hosted your API to a live server. The live link to your API will be needed when you want to build the front end. You can watch this video here Publishing your Radsystems Project - Tutorials - Radsystems Forum.

What you want to do is similar to what was done in the video, the only difference is that you will not host the front-end.
From the video, in place of running the below command to generate the SPA frontend

quasar build

you will run this command below.

quasar build -m electron

You can read more here Electron Build Commands | Quasar Framework