Versions, bug fixes and added features

I have an evaluation copy of RadSystems that is on version 4.0.1
There are some bugs and feature limitations that are holding me back from purchasing a license. But now I see from the home page that version 4.5.6 is ready. I didn’t get any notification of any update, but I’d like to know what bugs have been fixed and what features have been added. Is there a list of what has been fixed and added somewhere?
Thanks in advance, Dan


  1. Calendar component was introduced.
  2. A new Master-Details Relations configuration was created.
  3. Issues with Roles and permission in PHPRad Vue and NodeRad were fixed.
  4. Sort-by-field component was introduced.
  5. And other minor bug fixes.

OK thanks for that info. Good work!

Any plans to update to the newest version of quasar/vue? Also would like to see Typescript being used on the client.

Hi, unfortunately the management of roles and permissions still does not work on php rad classic, it is becoming frustrating, the permissions and the field in the users table are not created

@TERzo please refer to this tutorial here Configuring the Roles and Permission in Radsystems Studio (PHPRad Classic) - Tutorials - Radsystems Forum, no field is supposed to be generated by Radsystems Studio on the user table for roles and permission.

@danh No information on that yet.